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Wind energy conversion system using EMR and Simulink





This simulation session deals with the use of control Energetic Macroscopic Representation for the simulation of a Wind Energy Conversion System and its control including Maximum Power Point Tracking strategy.



The studied system is composed of a wind turbine, a gearbox, a squirel cage induction machine, back-to-back Voltage-Source-Inverters, filters and a transformer for grid connection.
Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR) of the system will be provided using EMR toolbox developed in Matlab-Simulink.

A constant wind velocity will be first studied for a direct connection of the machine to the grid. By this way, the attendees will learn how to built EMR for such a system and its transposition in Matlab-Simulink.
In a second step, the attendees will easily deduce the control of the system including vector control and Maximum Power Point Tracking. Influence of different wind profiles will be studied by simulation.
Finally, an experimental demonstration will be presented on the Multimachine set-up of L2EP using a Hardware-in-the-loop simulation with a dSPACE controller board.

Fig. 1: Studied WECS

Fig. 2:  EMR and deduced control of the studied WECS

Fig. 3: Wind profile and target power



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