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TU Graz Presentation

Unit "Energy management of complex electromechanical systems using EMR"

(3 ECTS)

Graz University of Technology (Austria)

16-20 April 2012


This Postgraduate course is organized by Prof. Annette Muetze, within the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information of Graz University of Technology (Austria). There were 14 attendees (Master students, PhD students, post-doctoral position, associate professors and professors)..

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The working language of the course is English.


The lectures have been given by Prof. Alain Bouscayrol, University Lille 1, Sciences & Technologies, L2EP, MEGEVH, France, he will be assisted by Dr. Philippe Barrade EPF Lausanne) and Dr. Lucia Gauchia (University Carlos III of Madrid).


Innovative energetic systems are more and more developed to face the problems of green house gases and petroleum resource depletion such as Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), Electric Vehicles (EVs) or renewable energy applications. Energy management is a key issue development of these new systems. The modelling of such systems is quite complex because of the multiphysical interconnected subsystems and the multi-scale dimension of the different dynamics. A systemic approach is required to take into account dynamic interaction of these multi-physical systems. The aim of this course is to present different modelling methods for energy management of innovatives systems. The requirements of system modelling and energy management will be discussed and two examples (one EV and one HEV) will be studied using Energetic Macroscopic Representation.


The students have to writte a 1-page daily report (context, objective and feedback of the lecture and work of the day) and pass a written exam (1. EMR of the electrical part of an HEV, 2. Inverion-based control of the mechanical part of the studied HEV).

Lectures and attendees in front of the new building of the Institute of Electric Drives and Machines of TUG

(The head of the institute has already adopted the EMR color!)

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