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TU Graz Photos


Photos of the unit "Energy management of compex systems using EMR"

Graz University of Technology (Austria), 16-20 April 2012


Lectures and attendees in front of the new building of the Institute of Electric Drives and Machines of TUG

(The head of the institute has already adopted the EMR color!)

All attendees are ready and a little bit intrigated!


Lecturers are also ready at the "Energie Zentrum Graz"! (Dr. Barrade, Dr. Gauchia, Prof. Bouscayrol)


Introduction by Prof. Muetze


Basic concepts by Prof. A. Bouscayrol


Lecture by Dr. P. Barrade


Lecture by Dr. L. Gauchia


What a scientific demonstration! (Dr. Barrade and Prof. Bouscayrol)

Going to the simulation room in the modern building of TUG.


Simulation sessions are serioulsy managed (Dr. Gauchia and Dr. Barrade).


Simulation session in the very nice simulation room of TUG.


Where is the problem? (Dr. P. Barrade)


Simulation is not so funy! (Prof. Muetze and Dr. Gauchia)

Tourism in Graz (Dr Seebacher, Dr. Gauchia, Dr. Krischan and Dr. Barrade)


Visit of the impressive facailities of EMG Institude (Dr Seebacher and Dr Krischan)


See you another time! (Dr. Gauchia and Dr. Barrade)

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