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Opening and introduction of the workshop






A survey of graphical descriptions for modelling and control of electric systems will be proposed. The activities of the control team of L2EP Lille in this scientific topic will be presented.



After a brief presentation of the workshop, a survey of the use of graphical description for electrical systems will be proposed. If these description tools were not often used in the past, the emergence of multidisciplinary systems (renewable energy systems, hybrid vehicles...) yields a new interest for such model organizations. Indeed these graphical description can lead to an synthetic and intermediary step connecting all various physical devices of the whole the system. Design, Analysis and control are the main concerns of the new modelling way.

The L2EP Lille is composed of 4 reserach teams. For a long time, the control team has developed graphical descriptions for control of elctrical systems; Causal Ordering Graph (COG), Energetic Macroscopic Representations, Multimachine Multiconverter Systems (MMS) Description...

Prof. J. P. Hautier worked on the use of Petri Nets for power electronics modeling in the 80's. His control team developped the COG in the 90's in collaboration with LEEI Toulouse. Applications were focused on power electronics and electrical machine controls.

MMS description has been developped in 2000's by L2EP in collaboration with LEEI Toulouse, GREEN Nancy, LARGE St Nazaire and LESiR Cachan (national Project MMS) for modelling and control of system with serveral electrical machines. EMR has been developed in parallel by L2EP to generalize inversion-based control for complex systems.

Nowadays these graphical descriptions and control methods are used in various applications: piezo-actuators, tool machines, renewable energy conversions systems, traction systems, electric and hybrid electric vehicles... New extensions of these tools are developed with LEI Lausanne (Switrerland), Univeristy of Québec Trois Rivières (Canada) and other international collaborations.

Fig. 1: Example of a traction system (see ref. EPE 2005)

Fig. 2: Bond-graph of the traction system (see ref. EPE 2005)

Fig. 3: Causal ordering Graph of the traction system (see ref. EPE 2005)

Fig. 4: Power Flow Diagram of the traction system (see ref. EPE 2005)

Fig. 5: Energetic Macroscopic REpresentation of the traction system (see ref. EPE 2005)



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