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Modelling of power electronic systems using signal flow graph




This lecture presents an introduction to the signal flow graph modelling methodology of the power electronic systems.



The theme of this presentation is to explore the signal flow graph technique for analysis of the power electronic systems. Due circuit switching the power electronic systems becomes non-linear time varying and its modeling plays an important role in the design-oriented analysis. The well-established modeling techniques present difficulty in the model formulation particularly, while we apply for higher order converters. The main emphasis of this lecture is to evolve simplified modeling process, using a graphical technique, irrespective of the order of the power electronic system. To realize this objective the following stages are developed: (i) guidelines to generate the flow graphs, (ii) step-by-step process, which simplifies designer burden and avoids the redundant graphs, (iii) generalized graph formulation, (iv) steady-state, small and large-signal models deduction from the generalized graph, and (v) simplified method to find useful performance indices for the design-oriented analysis. Few complex converter systems (higher order converters, interleaved converters and coupled inductor converters) are considered and the simplicity of the technique in the final model formulations is demonstrated to show the novelty of the proposed technique. Few experimental results are provided to show the validity of the proposed modeling method.

Fig. 1. Interleaved Boost Converter with magnetic coupling

Fig. 2. Signal Flow Graph Model of the Interleaved Boost Converter with magnetic coupling



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