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Dr. Lucia GAUCHIA,
Michigan Tech, USA


Assitant Professor at Michigan Tech University, USA

Lucia Gauchia received the Industrial Engineering degree in 2005 and the PhD degree on Electrical, Electronic and Automatic Engineering in 2009 by the University of Carlos III of Madrid (Spain). From 2010 tp 2012, she was assiatant Professor at Carlos II University of Madrid, Spain. In 2011, she was visiting Professor at Université Lille1, France. From 2012 to 2013, she joined the Mac Mascter University, Canada, as Postdorctoral ressearch assistant, on hybrid electric vehicles. Since 2013, she is assistant professor at Michigan Tech on energy storage systems. Her main research activities include the testing, dynamic modelling and hybridization of fuel cells and electrochemical energy storage systems, such as batteries and supercapacitors.


EMR experiences


- Research work using EMR on energy storage systems and hybrid vehicules

- EMR unit as lecturer at TU Graz (Autria), 3 ECTS, 30 h, april 2012

- international cooperation using EMR with Université Lille1 (France) inclunding a 9-months stay in Lille

- Chair of summer school EMR'12 (Madrid, Spain) and lecturer at  EMR'11 and EMR'12.

- EMR seminar at the Universoty of Toronto, Canada, in 2013.

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