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Inversion-based control


Pierre SICARD (lecturer) Professor at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR).

Alain BOUSCAYROL Professor at University of Lille 1



Inversion-based control has been deduced from the Causal Ordering Graph theory in the 90's. This methodology leads to define a control scheme, step-by-step by an inversion of a causal modelling. This presentation will explain present how inversion-based control is deduced from Energetic Macroscopic Representation by a mirror effect. The inversion-based control leads to locate the required controllers and to define which variables have to be measured or estimated on the process.


Intervention contents

This intervention will present the inversion-based control rules. It will break down into four parts:

1. Basic inversion rules
2. Different steps for a maximum control scheme
3. Different steps for a practical control scheme
4. Local control and global energy management

Fig 1. Exemple of a double-drive paper system

Fig 2. EMR and inversion-based control of the double-drive paper system

Fig 3. Detail of the tension loop using Causal Ordering Graph



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