All abstracts of lectures, demonstrations and simulations now are avalaible.

Monday 13 November 2006
8h30 Welcome coffee

Opening and introduction of the workshop

(A. Bouscayrol, B. Lemaire-Semail, University of Lille, France)

... - Oral session 1 - Chair: M. COREA (Univ. Campina Grande, Brazil)

Modelling of power electronic systems using signal flow graph

(M. Veerachary, University of Delhi, India)


Power flow diagram using Bond-Graph and Simulink

(G. H. Geitner, University of Dresden, Germany)

10h30 – Coffee break –
... - Oral session 2 - Chair: P. SICARD (University of Québec Trois-Rivières, Canada

Power Oriented Graph modelling of electrical systems

(R. Zanasi, University of Modena, Italy)


Energetic Macroscopic Representation of a hybrid storage system using air compressed accumulator

(T. Bossmann, EPF Lausanne, Switzerland)


Hardware-in-the-loop of electric drives and Power electronic systems using RT-Lab PC Clusters and FPGAs

(J. Belanger, Opal Technologies, Canada)

12h30 – Lunch –
... - Experimental demonstration 1 -

Control of piezo actuators using causal ordering graph

(B. Lemaire-Semail, F. Giraud, University of Lille, France)


Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of an electric vehicle

(A. Bouscayrol, W. Lhomme, University of Lille, France)

16h30 – Coffee break –
... - Experimental demonstrations 2 -

Fault-tolerant control of a multi-phase machine based on multi machine description

(E. Semail, X. Kestelyn, F. Locment, ENSAM Lille, France)


Hardware-in-the-loop-simulation of a gas turbine based on causal modelling using HYPERSIM

(X. Guillaud, EC Lille, France)


Control of high-speed product machine based on causal ordering graph

(R. Béarée, F. Colas, ENSAM Lille, France)

20h30 – Gala dinner –

Tuesday 14 November 2006
8h30 Welcome coffee
... - Oral session 3 - Chair: R. TRIGUI (MEGEVH & LTE INRETS, France)

A non-causal drive electric model in Dymola, incorporated into a causal HEV Model in Simulink

(A. Walker, University of Warwick, United-Kingdom)


EV operation within rule based control for the Land Rover Land-e prototype

(C. Dextreit, Jaguar/Landrover, United-Kingdom)


Energetic Macroscopic Representation of a fuel cell system

(D. Chrenko, University of Belfort, France)

10h30 – Coffee Break –
... Oral session 4 - Chair: G. H. GEITNER (University of Dresden, Germany)

Bond Graph modelling and control of a Fuel Cell system for automotive traction

(G. Dauphin-Tanguy, Ecole Centrale de Lille, LAGIS, France)


Extension of Energetic Macroscopic Representation to time-varying systems for paper industry

(P. Sicard, University of Québec Trois-Rivières, Canada)


Electric Motor HIL-Simulation for automotive application: solutions, limitations, requirements

(S. Aksas, dSPACE, France)

12h30 – Lunch –
14h00 - Simulation training sessions - (1 to choose among 4)

Electric Vehicle using EMR and Simulink

(W. Lhomme, University of Lille, P. Sicard, University of Québec)


Wind energy conversion system using EMR and Simulink

(A. Bouscayrol, University of Lille)


Flexible AC Transmission Systems using EMR and Simulink

(P. Delarue, University of Lille)


Real-time simulation of small and large-scale power electronic systems using PC cluster and FPGA processors: challenges, solution and step-by-step examples

(J. Bélanger, V. Lapointe, Opal RT Technologies)

18h00 – End of workshop –