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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of an electric vehicle






This experimental demonstration deals with the use of Energetic Macroscopic Representation for organizing a hardware-in-the-loop simulation of the traction system of an electric vehicle.



The studied system is the traction of an EV with a 3-phase induction machine supplied by a voltage-source-inverter.

In order to check the electrical drive performances, a DC drive is connected to the IM shaft. This load drive is controlled to impose the same behavior of the mechaniacl power train of the the EV.

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation is thus defined with the whole mechanical transmission and dynamics of EV simulated to give adapted torque references to the load DC drice. An ECE drive cycle (european urban cycle) is used to check performances of the traction drive.

Energetic Macrocopic Representation (EMR) is used to organize the numerous blocks required by such an HIL simulation.

An experimental demonstration will be presented on the Multimachine set-up of L2EP using a dSPACE controller board, machines and converters.

Fig. 1: Studied EV traction system

Fig. 2: Principle of the HIL simulation

Fig. 3: EMR of the whole HIL simulation

Fig. 4: Experimental set-up



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