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Hardware-in-the-loop-simulation of a gas turbine based on causal modelling using HYPERSIM





This experimental demonstration deals with the use of digital real-time simulator for the study of actual control algorithm for micro turbine generator.



This presentation describes the development of a real-time digital simulation platform for studying the integration of distributed generation in electrical network. A general presentation about network real-time simulator is first proposed. Then the causal model of the microturbine is explained and inverted to generate the control algorithm of the system. The experimental setup is then described with its different hardware and software parts. The real-time modelling of the distribution network, the micro-turbine it self and the power electronic converters are implemented in Hypersim simulator. The real-time control algorithm of the power electronic converter is externally implemented on a dSPACE board. We can then study the behaviour of the system in case of short circuit in the studied network. The digital performances are evaluated. The parallelism of several computers is the used to simulate at the same time different microturbine modellings.


X. Guillaud, P. Degobert, D. Loriol, E. Mogos,
"Real-time simulation of a micro-turbine integrated in a distribution network",
Taormina (Italy), 2006.

X. Guillaud, P. Degobert, C. Larose, A. Vallée
"A methodological approach for real-time power system simulation Application to the connection of a micro turbine generator in a distribution network",
ISIE 2006
Montréal, Jully 2006

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