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Flexible AC Transmission Systems using EMR and Simulink


Philippe DELARUE



This simulation sessions deals with the control of a Flexible AC Transmission System in electrical networks using Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR).



An Advanced Static Var Compensator (ASVC) will be studied in simulation. The ASCV is connected in series with the grid line with a transformer.
Three phase voltages in both parts (A and B) have a rms value of 6.6 kV and frequency of 50 Hz.
The ASVC has to manage active power in the following power range -10 MW to 10 MW for a transport phase between -15° and 15°.
The simulation will be developed using Energetic Macroscopic Representation and Matlab-Simulink.

The following steps are suggested:
1. EMR of the studied FACTS
2. Deduced control structure using anaverage model of power electronics
3. Strategy control level for power management
4. Simulation taking power switching into account and influence of harmonics.

Fig. 1: Studied FACTS (ASVC)

Fig. 2: Simulation model of the studied FACTS



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