Monday 25-Oct-21 |

EV operation within rule based control for the Land Rover Land-e prototype





This lecture explains the development process of a HEV rule based controller and present a sensitivity study of some parameters.



A presentation of the Land-e concept and its specifics features: Electric rear axle drive (ERAD), integrated starter generator (ISG), high performance turbocharged east-west diesel engine, coupler to link front and rear axle and keep high off road performances... is given.The choice of a quasi static, medium fidelity, model used to run the simulation and develop the controller are explained.Then the principle of the rule based controller and its engine optimum operation philosophy is presented, other possible solution has the use of dynamic programming to obtain the best global optimum is exposed.

The sensitivity study on ERAD motor final drive ratio sizing and electric vehicle mode operating parameters are examined.

Fig. 1: Land-e concept architecture

Fig. 2: Sensitivity study on ERAD final drive ratio and Electric Vehicle speed limit: Relative fuel consumption on the new European drive cycle (NEDC)

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