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EMR'12 Feedback

All the attendees could send their feedback (by e-mail to on this summer school. They could be valuable inputs for future attendees of EMR summer schools or units (short paragraph, name, status, affiliation, country). The questions on the feedback form are:

What is your global feeling about EMR’12?
What are the main interest and the main difficulties?
What have we to improve?
What is your opinion on the organization and on the lectures/simulation quality and interest?

You can dowload the Feedback Form here (.doc) or here (.pdf).


"This summer schoold is well conducted, enriched work, short but huge learning, Lecturers and organisers were very helpful. I was felt good to spend 3 days with the full team of EMR at one place. My interest were Easy to understand and tricky to implement the EMR, very different types of applications illustrated during the suumer school. I had some difficulties to understand the implementation of inversion-based control for a particular application in short interval of time. As improvement, it could be valuable to focus more on strategy and estimation parts of a particular application in order to understand the possible solutions for particular technique as the lecturers and the professors have great experience and its great to discuss the strategies particular at one place and arriving at the best solution for the application consider. Thes lectures and simulation were well presented, with respected time, number, format of slides and explained with great interest."

Gupta Shraman
Master student at ENSAM Paris Tech (Mobility and Electric Vehicles), France


"Not only is EMR'12 a very interesting course but a very useful one as well. You learn a new methodology applied in real industrial cases.I think everything is quite good, but perhaps it would be interesting to invest more time in simulating more real engineering projects.I think this course have a very high quality in both the lecture and simulation sessions."

Jorge Valero Rodríguez
PhD student and University teatche, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain


"For me it was a moment of discovery and contacts. I only knew very little about the EMR and its opportunities. The occasion was more for me to measure the potential of this method. Today I am comforted in the idea that it is ideal for the work I do. There was no particular difficulty for me because I already use matlab. I know that there is a important design work to be done on paper before moving on to the machine. The organization was appreciable for me, and the working atmosphere was very good. The documentation was sufficient and quality, and presentations also.The only thing would be to improve for me is the practical sessions. (...). Again, congratulations to the team!"

Abdoulaye KEBE
PhD student, Laboratoire de Génie Electrique de Paris, France

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