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EMR'11 Feedback

All the attendees could send their feedback (by e-mail to on this summer school. They could be valuable inputs for future attendees of EMR summer schools or units (short paragraph, name, status, affiliation,country).


"I participated at EMR'11 in Lausanne and this was my first contact with this representation methodology. For me this first contact was very interesting, specially in order to verify its characteristics and potencial applications.
Due to the trainning sections, I could apply the EMR for a practical example (electrical vehicle), that clarify the ideas presented during the presentation sections.
For the perspectives, I hope the EMR can continue the evolution to increase this actuation area"

Ramon Da Fonseca, Phd Student in Lyon at Ampère laboratory, France

“I attended at the 3 training days on EMR, in July, in Lausanne.
I really enjoy this summer school, which highlights the interest of the use of this description tool. The simulation training sessions in the afternoon were valuable because they enable to better understand this tool. I would like to thank all the people who worked at the organization of this event and I hope that I can attend EMR'12 next year"

Zeineb Chikhaoui, Phd Student at Arts&Metiers ParisTech (ENSAM Aix en Provence), LSIS, France

" I believe that the EMR summer school in general was successful and I personally learned quite a lot. The presentation were nice, however, I believe that they could be better. (...). Before attending this summer school, I did not have any idea about EMR. For me, as a beginner in EMR, it was so hard to follow the first few presentations. I believe that in the future, the summer school could start with few presentations explaining the basics of EMR followed by several simple examples. The examples should be solved step by step with adequate explanations such that beginners like myself can learn more effectively and efficiently. For example, before attending the simulation session, I did not really know what exist in various blocks that represent the system. Several simple step-by-step examples can help a lot. At the end, I would like to thank you one more time for organizing this successful and interesting summer school."

Behrooz Bahrani, Phd Student at LEI, EPFL, Swizterland

“The course was very interesting and provided a useful engineering tool in my opinion. Regarding the structure, the simulation sessions helped a lot in the comprehension of the respective theory. In addition, the practical part enabled me to understand how EMR could be applied in the real-world. Therefore, I believe that the core of the course structure is very well defined. As a remark, I would say that the course is lacking educational material. The lecture sessions would be more comprehensible, if for example the slides were provided beforehand, so that the students could study them. Finally, I think that a book on EMR would definitely be a great idea, especially for students that have not dealt at all with this tool before. Again, I would like to thank you for this successful summer school"

Michail Vasiladiotis, Phd Student at LEI, EPFL, Swizterland

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