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Summer school EMR'11

EMR'11, " Modelling and control using EMR"

Joint Summer School of EPFL and Univ Lille1

Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

July 4-8, 2011

This joint summer school has been co-organized by Prof. A . RUFER, Dr. P. BARRADE (EPF Lausanne) and Prof. A. BOUSCAYROL (Université Lille1).  EMR'11 has attracted 45 attendees from 6 countries. The program was composed of 3 lectures on EMR concepts, 15 lectures on various applications, 3 simulation sessions (Electric Vehicle, Wind turbine, Photovoltaic System) and 1 practical session (control of an electrical drive). The attendees benefit of the nice organization of LEI of EPFL. Scientists, Master and PhD students have appreciated simulation and practical works in order to better acquire EMR concepts. Moreover valuable discussions have been issued on future developments and applications of EMR.

EMR (Energetic Macroscopic Representation) is a graphical description for the development of control and energy management of complex energetic systems. EMR has been developed by L2EP Lille since 2000. EMR summer schools have been organized for dissemination in 2006 in Lille, 2008 in Harbin (China), and 2099 in Trois-Rivières (Canada).













What a nice EMR group at the wonderful Rolex Learning Center of EPFL !

Photos of EMR'11, Lausanne, Switzerland

Lectures, simulation, practice... and tourism with test of various restaurants !

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