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EMR'06 Presentation

EMR'06, "Modelling and control of electrical systems"

Université Lille1 Sciences et Technologies

Lille (France)

13-14 Novembre 2006




This EMR summer school was the first international summer school, after a previous experience in French, Lille, June 2005 (66 attendees). The name "EMR summer school" was not yet chosen, and this first international summer school was intitlled "Modeling and control of electrical systems, using graphical descriptions".It has been rename later EMR'06 in order to keep an uniformity for all the EMR summer schools

EMR'06 has been successfully organized by University Lille1 / L2EP. There were 103 attendees from 8 countries (Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Switzerland and UK); about 3/4 of attendees were Master or PhD Students. EMR'06 was organized in 11 lectures on concepts or applications, 4 simulations sessions, 5 experimental demonstrations.

Photos of EMR'06, Lille, France


This workshop brings together researchers to present and demonstrate the latest activities on graphical description tools and methods for modelling and control of electrical systems. It was intended for both academics and industrialists.

This workshop was an extension to the invited session "Graphical descriptions for modelling and control of power systems" at IEEE-IECON 2006, Paris, 7-10 November 2006. Following the success of the invited session, which has grown into a double session with 12 papers, the MCES workshop at University of Lille is an opportunity for leading researchers in the field to discuss relevant topics in depth, and attend experimental demonstrations and simulation sessions.

The international scientific committee (ISC) includes researchers from around the world working with Causal Ordering Graph (COG) and Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR), both of which are graphical description methods developed at L2EP (University of Lille 1 / ENSAM of Lille) from the 1990s onwards. The ISC also includes researchers working with alternative related methods.

Prof. Alain BOUSCAYROL , General Chair (University of Lille 1, France)


International Scientific Committee

Philippe BARRADE EPF Lausanne (Switzerland)
Alain BOUSCAYROL University of Lille 1 (France)
Gert-Helge GEITNER University of Dresden (Germany)
Jean-Paul HAUTIER ENSAM Lille (France)
Betty LEMAIRE-SEMAIL University of Lille 1 (France)
Pierre SICARD University of Québec Trois Rivières (Canada)
Alan WALKER University of Warwick (United-Kingdom)


Local Organizing Committee

Richard BEAREE L2EP - ENSAM Lille (France)
Mélissande BIET L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)
Marie-Christine BLONDE L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)
Alain BOUSCAYROL L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)

Antoine BRUYERE L2EP - ENSAM Lille (France)
Keyu CHEN L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)
Yvan CREVITS L2EP - ENSAM Lille (France)
Zeng DAI L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)
Philippe DELARUE L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)
Richard DEMERSSEMAN L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)
Frédéric GIRAUD L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)
Julien GOMAND L2EP - ENSAM Lille (France)
Virginie GRARD L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)
Xavier KESTELYN L2EP - ENSAM Lille (France)
Betty LEMAIRE-SEMAIL L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)
Walter LHOMME L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)
Gaston M'BOUNGUI L2EP - University of Lille 1 (France)
Olivier RUELLE L2EP - ENSAM Lille (France)
Eric SEMAIL L2EP - ENSAM Lille (France)



L2EP Lille
(Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Power of Lille) 
(Scientific caution and financial support)

Université de Lille 1
(Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, USTL) 
(Scientific caution and financial support)

(Ecole Nationale Supéroeure d'Arts et Métiers) 
(Scientific caution and financial support)

IEEE section France
(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 
(Scientific caution)

dSPACE France
(French Company) 
(Financial support)

Opal-RT Technologies, Inc.
(Canadian Company) 
(Financial support)

(International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation) 
(Scientific caution)


(French research network on modelling and energy management on Hybrid Vehicles) 
(Scientific caution)

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