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EMR Seminar, Harbin 2021


EMR seminar at Harbin Institute of Technology (China), April 2021

Lectures at HIT on EMR applied to electrified vehicles

A seminar on EMR was organized in teleconference for undergraduate and Master students of Harbin Institute of Technology (28 attendees), China, 21 & 25 April 2021, by Prof. Dr. Walter LHOMME and Dr. Kaibo LI from the University of Lille, France.


-        3h30 of lectures (W. Lhomme) on EMR and inversion-based control theory with examples of different kinds of electrified vehicles.

-        4h of simulation exercise (K. Li). The attendees had to choose between the simulation of a battery electric vehicle or a parallel hybrid electric vehicle.

Lecture of Prof. Dr. Walter Lhomme

The attendees of the lecture