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EMR Seminar, Harbin 2013


EMR seminar at Harbin Institute of Technology (China), October 2013

Harbin Intitute of Technology (HIT)


After the EMR'08 summer school (initated by Prof. CC Chan), EMR comes back in HIT (Harbin Instritute of Technology)! Prof. Alain BOUSCAYROL and Mr. Clement DEPATURE (Univ. Lille1, L2EP, MEGEVH network, France) have given a seminar on EMR on 21 October 2013 at HIT. This seminar has been organized by Prof. Chunbo ZHU (Deputy Dean of School of Electrical Engineering and Automation) and Prof. Qianfan ZHANG (Assistant Dean of School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, in charge of international cooperation). This seminar attracs more than 40 Master and PhD students of the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation.

"Study of EVs and HEVs using Energetic Macroscopic Representation"

1.Research at L2EP Lille

2. Requirement for the study of EVs and HEVs (from MEGEVH network)

3. EMR and Inversion-based control

4. Example of an Electric Vehicle (C Depature)

5.  Examples of advanced HEVs (from MEGEVH network)

Simulation of an Electric Vehicle

pdf file of the presentation


Introduction by Prof. Chunbo ZHU

Lecture of Prof. Alain BOUSCAYROL (lǎo bou) in a Frenchy English!

Lecture of Mr. Clément DEPATURE and a very fascinated attendee.

Very attentive students. The blue one seems to be a control specialist... in EMR.

The yellow EV of L2EP/Univ. Lille1.. already in EMR color!

The photo group: , èr, sān (1, 2, 3 in Chinese) or E. M. R. (1, 2, 3 in EMR formalism)!

A friendly atmosphere of the Chinese and French seminar staff

(Prof. Q. ZHANG, Prof. S. CUI, Prof. C. ZHU, Prof. A. BOUSCAYROL; Mr. C. DEPATURE)

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