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EMR seminar, University of Oviedo, 2019

EMR Seminar at University of Oviedo, 2019

A seminar on EMR has been organized at the University of Oviedo, Spain, 18-19 February 2019, by Prof. Jorge GARCIA and Prof. Pablo ARBOLEYA (Univ. Oviedo). The lectures and simulation exercises have been ensured by Dr. Clément MAYET (Le CNAM, SATIE Laboratory).

This seminar was dedicated to Master students and was open to IEEE PhD student members of the University of Oviedo.



3h of lectures on EMR and inversion-based control theory and basic examples.

2h of lectures on more advanced example focused on railway systems.

2.5h of simulation exercise focused on the traction system of an EV.



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Coffee break

Simulation session