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EMR at Paris Sud, 2014

A teatching unit on EMR has been organized at Polytech Paris Sud (France), 10-12 June 2014 (Master level).

This EMR unit has been organized  by Dr. Olivier BETHOUX. The lectures, excercices and simulation sessions have been ensured by Prof. Alain BOUSCAYROL (Univ. Lille1, L2EP, MEGEVH), Prof. Betty LEMAIRE-SEMAIL (Polytech Lille, Univ. Lille1, L2EP), Dr. Olivier BETHOUX (Polytech Paris Sud, LGEP) and Mr. Ludovic HORREIN (PhD student, L2EP, PSA Peugeot Citroën, MEGEVH)


10h of lectures / 8h of exercices / 12h of simulation

The slides are in English, but the lectures have been given in French.

1. "Introduction"  pdf file
2. "Systemic & Energy"  pdf file
3. "Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR)" pdf file
4. "Inversion-based control"  pdf file
5. "Energy & Strategy"  pdf file

Applications, excercices and simulation are focused on EVs and HEVs.


Future EMR teatchers (Prof. D. Diallo, Dr. O. Bethoux) and actual EMR teatchers (Prof. A. Bouscayrol, Prof. B. Lemaire-Semail): the future teatchers must adapt their shirt colors to be in agreement with EMR!

"EMR pictograms have a normalized size like that" (Prof. A. Bouscayrol)

"Causality is a key point" (Prof. B. Lemaire-Semail)

"Lifgt blue is devoted to local control" (Mr. L. Horrein)

Simulation session is not so funny when you sleep during the lecture...

.;. but it is easier with a good teatcher!

The teatchers and the students in a nice atmophere