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EMR and inversion-based control of a series parallel HEV with planetary gear


Keyu CHEN (lecturer)




In a series-parallel hybrid using a planetary gear is used, the Electric Machine 1 (EM1) and the shaft of Transmission (Trans.) are connected to the planetary set ring gear (R), the ICE to the Carrier (C) and the EM2 to the Sun gear (S). Thanks to the DC bus and the planetary gear, a series-parallel hybrid can operate as a series hybrid or a parallel hybrid. This kind of series-parallel hybrid has been modeled by Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR). Connecting to the ring gear, the EM1 speed of is the speed of the Ring gear speed. Similarly, the ICE speed is the Carrier s and the EM2 speed is equal to the Sun gear speed. The ICE speed is the sum of the EM1 speed and the EM2 speed. From the EMR point of view, there are only 2 independent state variables instead of three. Thus a vectorial accumulation element is used to present the torque-speed relation of all these shafts. The EMR modelling of a series-parallel hybrid with a planetary gear will be presented.



This intervention will present the EMR application on a series-parallel hybrid with a planetary gear. It will break down into four parts:

1. Modelling of the devices: Machines, planetary set ring gear, from the transmission to the wheels,
2. Global modelling of system
3. Simulation results

Fig. 1: The Studied hybrid electric vehicle

Fig. 2:Planetary gear

Fig. 3:EMR of the studied HEV



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