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EMR and inversion-based control of a series HEV with multiple drives


Loic BOULON (lecturer) Postdoctoral researcher at Hydrogen Research Institue (UQTR, Canada).

Daniel HISSEL Professor at University of Franche Comté.

Alain BOUSCAYROL Professor at University of Lille 1.



The objective of the presentation is to show how the use of a graphical formalism like EMR can help to study a complex system. The presentation is focused around an example: the DPE 6x6. The DPE 6x6 is a French military vehicle of Nexter System build around a complex series architecture: there are 2 DC bus, 2 generators and 12 driving motors. On the one hand, EMR is helpful to structure and to organize such a complex model. On the other hand, EMR allows and simplifies the design of the associated control part.



This intervention is broken down into three parts:

1) The vehicle presentation (performances and technical specifications),
2) EMR of each components and subsystems,
3) EMR of the whole vehicle.

Fig 1. Synthetic EMR of the whole system



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