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EMR'21 Program

EMR'21, " Modelling and control using EMR,

application to HEVs and others"

Summer School of University of Lille (France)
Lille, France, 14-17 June 2021






















Final Report




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Due to the Pandemic, EMR'21 has been reshaped to enable on-line attendance from worldwide. The lectures will be given in the following time slots and the simulation will be ensured through a simulation cloud.

Below it is possible to see the program adapted to the different time zones.  The simulation sections will take place in the morning and in the evening with reference to Paris time.

EMR International Summer school 2021

ONLY Lectures (simulation session in other time slots)

Monday 14 June 2021

13:40 connection

Fundaments session 1 - chairman: Prof. Joao Trovao (Univ. Sherbrooke, Canada)
14:00 Introduction if EMR'21 Summer School B. Lemaire Semail Univ. Lille France
14:20 Energy & Systems A. Bouscayrol et al. Univ. Lille / Univ. Hong-Kong France / China
14:40 Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR) C. Mayet et al. Le Cnam / Univ. Lille France
15:00 break

Fundaments session 2 - chairman: Prof. Philippe Barrade (Univ. Sion Appplied Sciences, Switzerland)
15:20 Inversion-based control deduced from EMR W. Lhomme et al. Univ. Lille France
15:40 EMR and inversion-based control of an Electric Vehicle C.M TA et al. Univ. Sherbrooke / Univ. Lille Canada
16:00 EMR and inversion-based control renewable energy conversion systems F. Giraud et al. Univ. Lille France
16:20 break - Panelist Photo

Sotfware/Hardawre tools session - chairman: Dragan Zuber (Typhoon, Serbia)
16:40 EMR-based simulation using Simcenter AMESIM C. Husar et al. Siemens Industry Software Romania
17:00 HiL testing systems - EMR'21 - M. Bui et al. dSPACE France
17:20 end of day - Group Photo

Tuesday 15 June 2021

13:40 connection

CUMIN session - Chairman Dr. Eric Hittinger (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)
14:00 Energy consumption of battery electric vehicles in hot climates D. Ramsey et al. Univ. Trois Rivières / Univ. Lille Canada / France
14:20 EMR-based simulation of a electric subway R. O'Berriel et al. MEL / Univ. Lille France
14:40 EMR-based PMSM scaling laws for battery electric vehicles A. Aroua et al. Univ. Ghent / Univ. Lille Belgium / France
15:00 break

MEGEVH session - Chairman: Prof. Samir Jemei (Univ. Franche Comté, France) 
15:20 EMR and real time performance estimation of a fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle N. Nourra et al. Univ. Trois Rivières / Univ. F.Comté Canada / France
15:40 EMR-based HIL testing of a series-HEV E-drive A. Pam et al. Sherpa Eng. / Univ. Lille France
16:00 Influence of Electric vehicle charging on Li-ion battery aging using EMR-based simulation A. Ndiaye et al. Univ. Lyon / Univ. Lille France
16:20 break - Panelist Photo

Innovative applications session - Dr. Pablo Arboleya (Univ. Oviedo, Spain)
16:40 EMR-based modelling and control of AC/DC microgrids J. Solano et al. Univ. Santander Colombia
17:00 EMR with a drawing software R. Gonzalez-Rubio et al. Univ. Sherbrooke Canada
17:20 end of day - Group Photo

Wednesday 16 June 2021

13:40 connection

VPP TechCom session - Chairman Dr. Giambattista Gruosso (Politecnico Milano, Italy)
14:00 EMR-based control of a n-level inverter for battery C. Mayet et al LeCnam France
14:20 EMR-based diagnosis using IA for an elevator system. S. Kelouwani et al. Univ. Trois Rivières Canada
14:40 BMS development using EMR and HiL approach P. Messier et al. Univ. Sherbrooke Canada
15:00 break

VPP TechCom session 2 - Chairman: Prof. Loic Boulon (Univ.Trois Rivières, Canada) 
15:20 EMR-based optimal energy management of a dual-motor electric vehicle BH. Nguyen et al. Univ. Sherbrooke Canada
15:40 Adaptive filtering strategies for hybrid energy storage systems in electric vehicle using EMR Linh Nguyen et al. Hanoi Univ. ST Vietnam
16:00 HiL testing EMR-based EV propulsion using Typhoon HiL M. Ruba et al. Univ. Cluj Napoca Romania
16:20 break - Panelist Photo

CE2I session - Chairwoman Prof. Betty Lemaire-Semail (Univ. Lille, France) 
16:40 EMR for multiphase drives using AI D.T. Vu et al. Arts et Métiers ST France
17:00 Optimization of a Plug-in HEV with EMR-oriented backward approach K. Li et al Univ. Lille France
17:20 end of day - Group Photo

Thursday 17June 2021

13:40 connection PANDA day

PANDA session 1 - Prof. Claudia Martis (Univ. Cluj Napoca, Romania)
14:00 EMR-based simulation using Simcenter AMESIM C. Husar et al. Siemens / Renault TR Romania
14:20 EMR-based real-time simulation using Typhoon A. Genic et al. Typhoon Serbia
14:40 Battery HIL testing using AMESIM & Typhoon R. German et al. Univ. Lille France
15:00 break

PANDA session 2 - Chairman Dr. Gabriel Mihai Sirbu (Renault TR, Romania) 
15:20 EMR and control of a battery electric vehicle used for techno-economic study A. Desrevaux et al. Univ. Lille / Renault TR / Siemens France/Romania
15:40 EMR and control of a fuel-cell vehicle A. El Kamel et al. UTBM / Siemens / Univ. Lille France/Romania
16:00 EMR and control of a plug-in hybrid vehicle F. Tournez et al. Univ. Lille / Valeo / Siemens France/Romania
16:20 break - Panelist Photo

Hardware and Human in the loop sesssion - Chairman Dr. Ngac Ky Nguyen (Arts et Métiers ST, France)
16:40 HiL testing of Li-ion battery pack based on real-time EMR-based virtual vehicle model R. Nemes Univ. Cluj Napoca Romania
17:00 Human-in-the-loop system analysis for evaluation and design of Ultrasonic Surface Haptic Devices D.A. Torres-Guzman et al. Univ. Lille France
17:20 end of day - Group Photo

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