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EMR'15 Access

EMR'15, " Modelling and control using EMR,

application to HEVs and others"

Summer School
Lille, France 
15-17 June 2015















Download the EMR’15 flyer in PDF


Lecture & Simulation sessions (15-17th of Sept.)

Both sessions took place at Polytech'Lille (see map below):

  • lecture sessions (each morning): Appert Amphitheatre, ground floor
  • simulation sessions (each afternoon): Curie wing - ground floor - rooms C006 and C008

The presentations of each lecture are available (downloadable) on the website.

Simulation exercices are downloadable at this link (click here)

Practical session (17th of Sept.)

The practical session and the presenation of the eV (electricity & Vehicle) platform of the Wednesday afternoon took place at building P2 of University of Lille1 (ground floor, room 001).


The lunch were served at the university restaurant "Pariselle". Tables have been booked for the attendeed of EMR'15.

Wi-Fi access

A free public Wi-Fi service was available using:

  • Service Set Identifier (SSID): PolytechGuest
  • Password per day:
    • 15 june: recehOvi
    • 16 june: zuc.hUfu
    • 17 june: Dav5wega
Access to the University Lille 1 and Polytech'Lille


By subway: Line 1, direction "Quatre (4) cantons", station "Cité Scientifique" or "Quatre (4) Cantons" (see map below).

By train: From "Lille Flandres" railway station, take the subway line 1 (yellow line) (20 min). From "Lille Europe" railway station, go to "Lille Flandres" station by foot (5 min), take subway line 1 (yellow line) (20 min)

By road: See map below


See the "Office du tourisme de Lille" :  http://en.lilletourism.com/

University Lille1 map

University Lille1 by road

Subway map

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