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EMR'14 Access

EMR'14, " Modelling and control using EMR"

Application to hybrid electric vehicles and others”


Joint summer school of INESC (Coimbra) and
Université Lille1 (France)

Coimbra, Portugal

June 16th-18th, 2014















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Summer School Venue

EMR’14 took place at “Departamento de Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores”, at Polo II of the University of Coimbra (Amphitheater A4 and Room LAI 1). The University spreads through many areas of Coimbra, but mainly around three key campuses, named Polo I, Polo II and Polo III.


Latitude: 40°11'10.38"N

Longitude: 8°24'59.13"W


To travel to Coimbra you should fly either to Lisbon or to Oporto and then take a train or a bus. The International Airports of Lisbon and Oporto have regular scheduled flights to and from all main European destinations as well as major world cities.

Trains and Buses

From Lisbon - You can get to Coimbra by train from the main stations of "Lisboa-Santa Apolónia" and "Lisboa-Oriente" (you can arrive there from the airport by bus, metro or taxi). The trip from Lisbon to "Coimbra-B" station takes approximately 120 minutes and the price for the train ticket ("Alfa Pendular" or "Intercidades" trains) varies between 19€ and 32.5€.

From Oporto - The trains leave "Porto-Campanhã" station (you can get there from the airport by bus, taxi or metro - use the direct violet metro line from the Sá Carneiro Airport). The trip from Porto to "Coimbra-B" station takes approximately 60 minutes and the price for the train ticket ("Alfa Pendular" or "Intercidades" trains) varies between 13€ and 21.5€.

You can check the timetables of Portuguese trains

You can also arrive in Coimbra by Bus. Ticket prices are approximately 14€, coming from Lisbon, and 12.5€, coming from Porto.

Detailed informations can be found at

By car

Portugal has a good network of motorways/freeways. You can rent a car at the airport or at any train station as well as in all major cities.

By car, from the north of Portugal (Porto) - Recommended exit from A1: Take exit 13 to merge onto E801/IP3 toward Viseu/Coimbra Norte. Follow IC2 toward Coimbra/Lisboa and take the exit toward Coimbra Centro/Coimbra Este and then follow the signs indicating Coimbra/Centro/N17/Universidade (polo II)

By car, from the south of Portugal (Lisbon) - Recommended exit from A1: Take exit 12 for N341 toward Coimbra Sul/Taveiro/Alfarelos. Follow IC2 to Coimbra heading to IP3/Porto/Coimbra Norte/Viseu. Follow signs for Coimbra/Centro/N17/Universidade (polo II)

Once in Coimbra Line 34 or Line 38 of SMTUC buses ( will take you to Polo II of University of Coimbra.

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