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EMR'13 Access

EMR'13, " Modelling and control using EMR"

Application to hybrid electric vehicles and others”

Summer School (3 ECTS)

University Lille1 (France)

09-11 Septembre 2013

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The workshop took place at Polytech'Lille, University Lille1, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France (see map below):

  • lecture sessions (each morning): Ader wing – third floor – room A312
  • simulation sessions (each afternoon): Curie wing – ground floor – rooms C006 and C008


University Lille 1 by subway

Line 1, direction "Quatre (4) cantons", station "Cité Scientifique" or "Quatre (4) Cantons" (see map below).

University Lille 1 by train

From "Lille Flandres" railway station, take the subway line 1 (yellow line) (20 min)
From "Lille Europe" railway station, go to "Lille Flandres" station by foot (5 min), take subway line 1 (yellow line) (20 min)

University Lille 1 by road

See map below


Book an hotel from the "Office du tourisme de Lille" :

USTL map

USTL by road

Subway map

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