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Electric Vehicle using EMR and Simulink






The study relates to an electric vehicle approaching the cars available on the market of the type Peugeot 106 or Citroen Saxo.

The goal of this simulation session is to determine the control of this vehicle and to validate it by simulation using Matlab-SimulinkTM. The system will be modelled via the Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR). A MCS (Maximum Control Structure) will be then deduced by inversion from the EMR.



The studied vehicle is driven by one electric machine. The machine technology will be at D.C. current with excited-field or an induction machine for the most initiated. In order to simplify the system, the battery will be modelled by a simple source of D.C. voltage.
We suggest to break down this session into several steps: modelling and system analysis, system control by inversion step by step, and performances analysis for a part of a urban cycle test (example of a vehicle type which can be studied on figures 1, 2, and 3).
An experimental demonstration will be presented on the Multimachine set-up of L2EP using a Hardware-in-the-loop simulation with a dSPACE controller board, machines and converters (Figure 4).

Fig. 1 Studied EV

Fig. 2. EMR and deduced control of the studied EV

Fig. 3. Matlab-SimulinkTM Model of the studied EV

Fig 4. Experimental set-up



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