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Control of piezo actuators using causal ordering graph



Frédéric GIRAUD ,



This experimental demonstration deals with the use of digital real-time simulator for the study of actual control algorithm for micro turbine generator.



The experimental system is composed of a Travelling Wave Ultrasonic motor and its power supply, an inertial load and the dSPACE controller board. The actuator modelling is described using a Causal Ordering Graph (COG) expressed in a rotating (d,q) frame, attached to the travelling wave vector. Then, a control scheme is deduced according to the C.O.G. inversion. As a result, this inversion process highlights a self driving control structure which is responsible for the robusteness of the control as regard as the thermal effects. Moreover, the proposed control scheme is alaso well adapted in case of load increasing.

Fig. 1: Causal Ordering graph of the Travelling Wave Ultrasonic Motor and its control scheme



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