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Aalto Feedback

All the attendees could send their feedback (by e-mail) on this unit. They could be valuable inputs for future attendees of EMR summer schools or units (short paragraph, name, status, affiliation,country).

"You get from the course all you need to carry out a comprehensive system level study on EVs and HEVs. Using illustrative diagrams, practical examples and simulation sessions the lecturers taught the main issues on doing such a study including: system modeling, system representation using a creative approach named EMR, local control methodology and global energy management of the system.The most interesting part to me was to deduce, in a systematic way, the local control and energy management strategy from EMR.
Thank you for such a wonderful course."

Bijan Zahedi, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

"Nowadays is really hard to invent some new things and implement them in already used devices. Energetic Macroscopic Representation is a quite new possibility for system modeling. EMR can be applied for devices that already in use and for devices that are in development, as well. Introduction on EMR technique makes the representation of some system more clearly and allows concentrating on processes between different parts of system that is very important in modeling.

As for me, EMR course Aalto was very interesting and useful. I will try to apply knowledge, gotten during the course, in my future researches. Also, I can recommend the EMR courses to people that are doing with modeling to get some fresh ideas and solutions."

Anton Rassõlkin, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia


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